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About Us

About Us


Drewkom was set up in 2001 as a civil law partnership. The company has been providing various types of firewood mostly purchased by foreign investors, therefore the technology employed in a woodworking process has been adjusted to meet the highest West European and Scandinavian   standards. 

Ever since the company was founded in 2001, it has been processing 100% of the timber from State Forests in Poland (Lasy Państwowe). Our main product is firewood which can be used in the fireplace.

In 2005 the company began processing conifer wood for manufacturing wooden planks and square logs. The woodwaste (i.g. chips, bark or sawdust) is either sold or used in a drying process.   

Due to the growing number of our trade partners, who appreciate both the quality of our products and on time deliveries, our company is begin gradually expanded. 



We are the first company in Poland which has devised a new woodworking technology processing 120 cubic meter of timber per day. We have two modernized firewood drying chambers with unique underpressure drying technology at 120-130° C. Drying process permanently removes water and pests from freshly felled wood.

One drying cycle of 150 cube meter of wood is about 3 days long. The final product of the drying process is dry firewood with high calorific value, which can be used both in the fireplace and in wood burning stoves. The calorific value of this dried firewood is about 35% higher than the calorific value of seasonal wood (it means that if one wants to heat an average size house, they will need 10-15 cubic meter of seasonal wood and only 6,5-10 cubic meter of our professionally dried firewood). If properly stored the firewood maintain this level of calorific value for about 2 years. 



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