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We offer following kinds of wood:

  • birch – hardwood, has a smaller calorific value than other leaf-shaped kinds;
  • beech – hardwood, has the best parameters for gasifying- as the effect gas from a tree is burning, so wood is burning for a long time;
  • oak – very hard wood, demands good ability to burn, most tarry of all kinds offered by us;
  • hornbeam - the hardest, most calorie-rich wood which has highest density after drying off- thanks to this feature it is burning for the longest time;
  • alder tree – perfect kind as embers basis for burning oak.

We are packing wood both into box-pallets (1.8 mp), industrial palettes (according to wishes of the Customer), as well as sacks (according to wishes of the Customer). The length and the width of the slate are adjusted to requirements of the Customer (20 - 40 cm).

We guarantee the humidity of wood not exceeding 20 -25 % (in comparison: to achieve this range of water content, wet wood requires the period of two years of seasoning in appropriate conditions. Wet wood has about 35 % less calories than dry wood. This means, for example, that if you want to heat an average-sized house in a winter time, you will need 10 - 15 mp of unseasoned wood, while only about 6.5 - 9 mp of the material professionally dried by us will be enough).

We do not apply the measure of weight, but volume. We are selling all kinds of wood in one price. We offer profitable discounts to the customers interested in the longer cooperation. We guarantee highest quality and punctuality of processed orders.

If you would like to receive more detailed offer for specified quantity and delivery schedule please do not hesitate to contact us: sekretariat@drewkom.com


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