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Drewkom company

Drewkom company

Since 2001 Drewkom has been drying various types of firewood: birch, beech, oak, hornbeam and alder. We offer high quality firewood with moisture content not exceeding 20-25%.

Such a wood dryness can be achieved after at least two years of seasoning in special conditions. Our company provides the wood which is professionally dried through modern and innovative technology of underpressure drying at 120- 130° C (a single drying cycle of 150 cubic meter of wood takes about 3 days). During this process water evaporates from the wood. 

We believe that the wood put in the fireplace should be as dry as possible, otherwise the heat in the fireplace is used to evaporate the water from the wood. Our company provides the highest quality wood and guarantees that after many years of its burning you will not have to renovate the fireplace, as is usually the case with wet wood. Dry wood does not have to be seasoned and stored in large amounts. Even when stored, dry wood, contrary to wet wood, does not absorb water. Dried wood heats the house more efficiently and prevents chimney damages (the moisture and deciduous tree sap destroy steel elements of chimney and fireplace insert). The firewood we offer is particularly recommended to be burnt in fireplace inserts and wood burning stoves. 

We are interested in cooperating with wholesale distributors of building and gardening equipment and filling station chains. 

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